Hey! I am Emma at Vegas for CES. It’s a very well-organized exhibition and the CES 2019 APP is readily available to provide you with all the information required.

I am so attracted to the IT & high-tech giants at LVCC-Central Hall such as Intel, IBM, Samsung & SONY. At the exhibition, IBM launched the first commercial quantum computer.

Also, there are some Chinese companies which are quite popular at CES. As for the shuttle buses, they are proudly sponsored by JD.COM. I hope to see more Chinese companies at CES 2020. Come on!

CES 2019, the most fantastic show I’ve ever attended.

CynthiaHead of Market Development
Thumb up: Love Intel’s entrance arch. Although simple in structure, the juxtaposition between the “Intel world” and “outside” creates a sense of mystery and excitement as you pass through the arch. It also makes for an interesting photo op – who is from the tech world and who is a visitor from the outside world?
Samsung’s also did their photo wall differently from the regular social media walls. This organic and “in the moment” style definitely catches attention.

Improvement: Logos, logos, logo. The first commercial quantum computer is very cool, but did the IBM logo come out wrong in our photo?
KrystalRegional ECD
Thumb up: Love those visitor-inspired social wall facades.

Improvement: Some finesse could be put to practice in managing company logos.