5G era is coming! 2019 will become the first year of 5G.

Who will be the winner of 5G?

The most amazing OLED screen from LG.

The fold-able smartphone must be the super star product we’re most excited about.

CynthiaHead of Market Development
Thumb up: Ok, the OLED screen from LG is EPIC. With the screens extending up and onto the ceiling, the immersive experience is simply off the charts. Kudos to LG for using visuals that fire up the imagination and inspire possibilities. Breath-taking.This is truly a day for tech companies to show up through colors.

Improvement: Having the OLED screen experience stop at just taking photos of the screen from a distance frankly seems quite a waste. Perhaps LG can look to include some social media interactives with their screens, to take it beyond CES 2019.

And hey, I get it that black is sexy, but showing your black phone on a black background isn’t really the best, especially if you are trying to showcase the folding technology of your phone around the edges.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
KrystalRegional ECD
Thumb up: Light a shaft of light to bathe the room, such clever content displayed on the OLED screen, transporting visitors from underwater to the stratosphere.

Improvement: Predictable design with messages plastered on the highest surface at Intel.