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This is Krystal. I am the Executive Creative Director. You will also know me as the founding leader of the firm. To lead the team, I must be a determined person who makes the decision for the best of everyone. My direction is precise and concise. As a member of my team, I want you to be a dreamer who is not afraid of thinking weird but not wandering at the unrealistic realm. I totally understand that it is not easy to be a designer who can proudly present good aesthetic quality but also convey your thought logically. Art and science don’t always coincide well. But I must say, at Mills, nothing will stop you to be a good creative person. I pick this MV to resonate with you. Your journey with us is rewarding. You will be unstoppable, like a Porsche with no brakes.

I am Cynthia. I head up the Market Development department. You will be working with me for the issues related to the business development and customer communication. I believe we all live in a vibrant world where different personalities bump into and interact with each other. Sometime we choose to ignore the people who look nonsense to us and sometime we discover their inspiring wisdom. Err…. truth be told, sometime we do take nonsense and swallow it as a learning. Just like the video I choose to speak for me. It has the dancing, the music, the liveliness, the drama and the different personalities. They all come together for one thing that we cherish. C’est la vie!

Hi this is Eunice. I am the Associate Creative Director. I like epic story. They have everything we need. The hero and the villain. The defeat and the come back. All these are the mirror of our work. It takes two personalities working together to get the job done. The fear and the fearless. Because your customers either love your idea or hate it. There is nothing in between (well, the not-bad is actually the sibling of bad). My question for you: how much risk are you willing to take for your customers to love you? Put it in this way, if you as a designer are not willing to risk for your idea, then either your idea is not good or you are not good.

Life sucks! But I am not. If we have chance to work together, I believe I can be your BFF, if not, a nice person to converse with. As a person, I’ve gone through so much emotions in different phases in life. Well, who doesn’t? I am a fixer and not a mechanic because things are not always work out as planned anyway. I am hanging tight, grabbing every moment that comes to me as a learning. I believe I am the negative of the negative so I must be a positive person 🙂 Haha, you may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. Oh by the way, my name is Evonne. I am the Senior Client Partner Executive in the team.

My name is Jeremy and I am a Graphic Designer. I choose to be a designer because I like to inspire people with my art sense. My work is to visualize the abstract for the clients. In my visual language, it comprises layers of messages. Most of the time I am the composer and I am also the interpreter of the message. In a sense, I work quite independently. But it doesn’t mean I am a lone wolf. I like everything Indie. I guess it is a sign of pursuing new and independent thought. My typical day starts with the unfinished works. Yes, I know I know… works never finish. At least I am working on something that I want to pursue. The works never end, and I never stop pursuing.

This is Jack. I am the Multimedia Designer in the team. Am I a geek or designer? Hmm…it depends. I deal with sound and motion at my work. I produce short film in motion graphics. My work requires me to visualize the concept with different dimensions. My boss always says, everything starts with obsession and then quality will arrive with the attention. I guess my work do need me to start with some obsessions. Sometime, a tiny little glitch in a sec of frame or a beat in the rhythm will drive me nuts. Just like the showreel that I show you here. After all, it looks good, right? Yup, that’s my work. Like most of my colleagues in our studio, music is my work companion. What about you, stranger? Are you a geek or a designer? Either personality you are, we all blend in.
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